Ice Hockey Uniform

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Ice hockey Uniform

An ice hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in ice hockey to shoot, pass, and carry the puck across the ice. Ice hockey sticks are approximately 150–200 cm long, composed of a long, slender shaft with a flat extension at one end called the blade.

Material : 

Sadib Sports the vast majority of sticks made with one or more of the following materials:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

Blade length :

There is no ‘standard’ blade length (e.g., 8″ for a short blade and 9″ for a long blade). The maximum allowed under NHL rules is 12.5 inches from the heel to the end of the blade. There is no official minimum length.

Weight :

Sadib Sports Field Hockey sticks that range in weight from 535 grams to 560 grams. Our appropriate weight of the stick typically depends on personal preference, however, there are advantages to both a lighter stick and a heavier stick.

Hockey material :

Our Sticks made of wood continue to be made but the higher-grade sticks are now manufactured from composite materials. Our Composite sticks are made of carbon fibers, fiberglass, graphite, and Kevlar, sometimes mixed with wood. This type of stick is lighter, more rigid, and more flexible than a glass one.

Characteristics :



Resistance to impact


Raw material

Sadib Sports Wooden sticks are popular for their low cost and better durability, especially for beginners. Proponents also argue that they offer a better feel for the puck.

Colors : 

Colors are the main thing of our hockey because they attract the viewer and motivate them to wear them. We have bright combo colors with delightful contrast.

Hockey stick and body length :

Our Hockey sticks come in different lengths which are indicated in inches. To test if a stick is suitable for you, you can hold the end of the stick under your armpit. The hook of the stick should then reach your knee. Our stick is too long and will take less effort to kick the ball.


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