Elite Pro 2023-2024

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Elite Pro for Professional Players:  

Our hand-stitched footballs provide high precision and extended performance life by fulfilling all FIFA criteria.

Elite footballs are made of  Diamond structured high-quality polyurethane with Microfiber backing, laminated with soft foam and polyester cotton.
32- panels create a perfectly rounded design that provides optimum aerodynamic properties with minimal trajectory error.
Special features:
*   Our footballs are laminated with natural latex that increases the bounce of the ball significantly.
*   PU-based seam sealant adhesive coating minimizes water absorption and provides
     high water-repellent properties suitable to play in extreme weather.
*   High-quality latex bladder gives exceptional lively bounce.
 Elite footballs are suitable for all outdoors, like parks, backyards and green fields. It is suitable for all weather.
Size Chart:
 3 60-62 cm 320-340 g 280-310 g
 4 63,5-66 cm 350-390 g 290-320 g
 5 68-70 cm 410-450 g 350-380 g
 5 FIFA Basic 68-70 cm 410-450 g
 5 FIFA Quality Pro 68,5-69,5 cm 420–445 g


2 reviews for Elite Pro 2023-2024

  1. Neni

    The ball is really superb

  2. Steve Gerard

    The Quality is remarkable. I highly recommended!

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